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Surakhani Ship-Museum

The ship-museum makes the trip to the past possible.

state museum

01 Mar 2021

  • 2500 sq m area
  • 8 staff members
  • 2 months project duration


The history of the Caspian Sea, oil production in Absheron, the development of shipping, the world's first ships, sea giants, navigation tools that are integral attributes of shipping are displayed in 10 exhibition halls of the "Surakhani" Ship-Museum.

Concept ideas for interior and graphic design solutions for the ship-museum have been united in one place.

The existing unique interactives in the "Surakhani" Ship-Museum are constantly improved, and new ones are added to the list of exhibits.

Several innovative solutions were introduced using the most modern technological equipment in the halls of the museum such as "Birching and anchoring operations", "Spirit of the Caspian", "Ships and Shipping", "Navigation and communication". The halls of the museum are equipped with augmented reality systems, modern interactive games, a unique 360-degree screen and other modern multimedia equipment. There is also an opportunity to get acquainted with models of three world-famous lighthouses.

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