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"Government Payment Portal"

The main goal we set before ourselves while developing the GPP was to make the portal with extensive functionality as much convenient for users as possible.

website state

27 Feb 2020
  • 65+ pages
  • 5 employees involved
  • 3 months project execution period


The portal has enabled centralized payments of taxes, duties, rentals and other budget payments, as well of utility, communication and other mass services via internet using payment cards and bank accounts and at financial services points of banks and national post operator in cash. The website we made for the Government Payment Portal accepts payments from integrated organizations for more than 523 types of services, including more than 400 state services (taxes, duties, rentals, administrative fines).


Our employees involved with the project:


Project manager - Jamila
Product manager - Jamila
Designer - Konul
Front developer – Chinghiz
Back-end developer – Zulfugar

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