Baku, Vladislav Plotnikov street 14

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Shamakhi Art Museum

The museum plays the role of a bridge between the past and the future of Azerbaijan.

state museum

22 Oct 2022

  • 1000 sq m area
  • 2 staff members
  • 21 days project duration


Samovars, as an example of ancient craftsmanship, reflect the history of the development of this profession in Azerbaijan.

Here is a conceptual idea for the interior and graphic design of the Samovar Museum, which is subordinate to the Shamakhi Art Museum. An exposition of a collection of samovars belonging to different regions of Shamakhi is planned here. Both hand-made and factory-made samovars are the most valuable exhibits of the museum.

Historical, archaeological findings and ethnographic examples of Shamakhi from the earliest times to recent times will be displayed in the museum. The activities of such museums aim to reflect the ancient traditions of our people, preserve, and promote the historical and cultural heritage.

The regional expositions of the museum are rich in terms of subject and historical sequence.

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